Directional DNS

The Only Direction is Up

Directing users to specific content servers is a strategic marketing benefit and provides a better user experience. DNS load balancing gives you intelligence at the DNS level allowing your network to function at its most optimal capacity.

You must have LoadDNS Deluxe or Enterprise to utilize Directional DNS.

What is Directional DNS?

Directional DNS (geo-targeting) allows you to serve different content to different visitors who are all accessing the same website address. This level of control allows your business to direct visitors to specific content servers based on their geographic location and delivers a more personalized experience. The level of granularity that we provide is critical in today's marketplace. Directional DNS can give your business an edge while also enabling you to optimize your network performance.   

IP-Based Geo-location

Directional DNS service for IP-based geo-location enables you to direct website visitors from various locations across the globe to specific content servers. Targeted geo-based content means greater user experience and can lead to greater ROI per visitor.

Global DNS Load Balancing

Directional DNS can also be used to globally load balance your website traffic which keeps your site running fast and helps prevent outages. Quite simply, Directional DNS allows you to optimize your network's speed, functionality and reliability which enables your company to increase overall profitability. If you're a small to mid-sized company wanting, the benefits of a costly load balancing solution, at a fraction of the cost; Directional DNS is your solution.

Why our Directional DNS is better...

When you choose Directional DNS from LoadDNS, your hostnames are enabled from all 14 data center locations. A distinct advantage we give our Directional DNS customers is that each rule that is purchased can be used across all of the domains in a specific account. Whether you choose LoadDNS Deluxe or upgrade to LoadDNS Enterprise, we empower your organization to enhance your Web site presence on a global scale.

Note: 1 Directional DNS Rule comes with LoadDNS Enterprise.  Directional DNS can be purchased as an add-on with LoadDNS Deluxe.

Net Infrastructure Benefits

  • Runs on our World Class IP Anycast Infrastructure
  • Maximize Your Distributed Network
  • Decrease Bandwidth Costs
  • Increase Bandwidth Efficiency
  • Maximize Content Distribution Locations
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Greater Return on your Net Infrastructure Investment

Strategic Marketing Benefits

  • Improved Ad-Serving
  • Geo-Targeted relevant information
  • Enhanced user experience increases sales/profitability
  • Managed digital download distribution
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Country or language specific payment options


Managed DNS, Redundant DNS, and Remotely Hosted DNS with LoadDNS 8.0

Managed DNS maximizes site and application uptime and responsiveness. Manage all DNS records and take advantage of SiteFailover, Directional DNS, IP Anycast DNS, DNS Load balancingWeb forwarding and URL forwarding with Managed DNS Enterprise and Deluxe. Businesses seeking a low cost hosted DNS solution should take a look at Managed DNS Basic. LoadDNS is remotely hosted, which means no software to install or hardware to maintain. With DNS servers located around the world, an easy to use Web interface, and full control over zone files, LoadDNS is the top choice for hosted DNS. Designed to handle millions of queries, LoadDNS can seamlessly scale with your growing business. Looking for the best partner program on the web, become an affiliate and earn 50% commissions.