Getting Started Enterprise

Getting Started with LoadDNS Enterprise

  • Step one:  Create your LoadDNS Account (Link to content below)
  • Step Two:  Add Your Domain(s) and Choose Your Level of Service
  • Step Three:  Configure Your Domain(s)
  • Step Four:  Change Your Nameservers

Optional Setup at this time:  Ten SiteFailover monitors and two instances of Directional DNS come with every Enterprise account.  Additional SiteFailover monitors and instances of Directional DNS can be purchased.  These two features can be enabled during initial domain setup or you can come back at a later time. 

  • Getting Started SiteFailover
  • Getting Started Directional DNS

Step one: Create a LoadDNS Account

Create a LoadDNS account.  All of our service levels have a 30 day free trial. Adding a credit card during signup is optional.  If you choose not to add a credit card during the initial signup, you will need to add one during the 30 day trial to keep the service running.  We will send out e-mail reminders.  

Step Two: Add Your Domain(s) and Choose Your Level of Service for each Domain

Once you have created your LoadDNS account, you will be automatically logged into the LoadDNS admin where you can add your domain(s) and choose your service level; in this case choose LoadDNS Enterprise.  If you choose not to add your domains at this point, you can log back into the admin., at any time, and add them at a later date.  Remember you can choose the level of service for each domain that you add. So you may have different levels of service for each of your domains.  For domains with LoadDNS Basic or Deluxe, please refer to the appropriate getting started instructions.

Step Three:  Configure Your Domain(s)

Now that your LoadDNS account has been created, your domain(s) added, and your service level chosen, in this case LoadDNS Enterprise, you can now configure each domain.  There are two ways to add records for a domain.  Either add each record individually or if you have a large number of records you can use our automatic zone file import feature.

Step Four:  Change your Nameservers

Now that you have created the LoadDNS account, added your domains and chosen the level of service, in this case LoadDNS Enterprise, and configured your domains, you will need to change your domain's delegation to our nameservers.  Nameserver delegation defines which servers are responsible for a domain's resolution.

You will need to log into your account with the domain's current registrar, and change the nameservers to the ones in the table below.  LoadDNS Enterprise is on a global IP Anycast network, the two nameservers below automatically balance and route your DNS traffic to the closest of our 14 global locations.    

LoadDNS Enterprise Nameservers

Name Servers

Important notes:

  1. The servers in the table above are used for all of our levels of service LoadDNS Basic, Deluxe and Enterprise.
  2. Please ensure only the two nameservers in the table above are listed in the delegation.  LoadDNS Enterprise cannot function properly if you have other nameservers listed in the delegation.
  3. Please note propagation times may vary depending on TLD.  The following is a list of common TLD’s and their approximate propagation times.
Propagation Times
TLD Approximate Propagation Time
.com 15 minutes
.net 15 minutes
.org immediately
.edu ?
.biz immediately
.ca ?
.mobi immediately
.eu 5 updates a day
.cn immediately
.de immediately
.uk 5 updates a day
.us immediately
.name immediately
.info immediately
.cc immediately
.gs 24 hours
.cx immediately

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