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Our network uses IP Anycast to route your DNS request to the topologically nearest or best datacenter; thus enabling us to increase your website and services performance and uptime. It also gives our customers load balancing, increased reliability and scalability, decreased latency and a way to provide a distributed response to a DDoS attack. IP Anycast works because all of our worldwide locations respond to the exact same IP address (same name server).   

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Managed DNS, Redundant DNS, and Remotely Hosted DNS with LoadDNS 8.0

Managed DNS maximizes site and application uptime and responsiveness. Manage all DNS records and take advantage of SiteFailover, Directional DNS, IP Anycast DNS, DNS Load balancingWeb forwarding and URL forwarding with Managed DNS Enterprise and Deluxe. Businesses seeking a low cost hosted DNS solution should take a look at Managed DNS Basic. LoadDNS is remotely hosted, which means no software to install or hardware to maintain. With DNS servers located around the world, an easy to use Web interface, and full control over zone files, LoadDNS is the top choice for hosted DNS. Designed to handle millions of queries, LoadDNS can seamlessly scale with your growing business. Looking for the best partner program on the web, become an affiliate and earn 50% commissions.