MX Record

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Mail Exchange Record creates a mail route and allows you to control the delivery of mail for a given domain or subdomain.  A domain name can have multiple MX records, each assigned a priority number.  The mail route with the lowest number identifies the server responsible for the domain.  Any other mail servers listed will be used as backups.

Example of an MX Record
Host Name  TTL  MX Pref  Resolves to 30 10

  • Hostname: The MX Record handles any e-mail addresses
  • TTL (Time to Live):  The TTL number 1200  is in seconds and corresponds to how long the record stays cached in other systems.  The lower the number the more frequent systems will go to the DNS servers for queries.
  • MX Pref:  You can set the preference for your MX entry.  The lower the number the higher the preference.
  • Resolves To: The Resolves To field is the destination mail server 


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