Resource Record

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A Resource record has a type there are many some of the most common are A, MX, NS, TXT, PTR, CNAME, SOA, SRVAAAA and Wildcard, each has a function or define something about the domain name they belong to. Click on the individual records in this definition to get more detail about it. Each record has a TTL (Time to Live) associated with it, a class and some specific data.

All records use the common format which is shown below:

Domain Name: A fully qualified domain name.

TTL (Time To Live): Is measured in seconds and can be set by the administrator for each record type.

Record Class: There are three record classes, Internet, Hesoid and Chaos.

Record Type: There are many types of records the most common are A, MX, NS, TXT, PTR, CNAME, SOA, SRVAAAA and Wildcard. Each record has its own use. Additional information about each record can be seen by clicking on the record type.

Record DATA: This is dependent upon the record type. A couple of examples are the hostname or priority for MX records and IP address for A records.

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