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Many of you ask the question, "What is IP Anycast Routing and how does it benefit me?"

For us and those of you that are also DNS junkies, IP Anycast is pretty exciting stuff.  We could get into a very detailed explanation but, in this case, we are going to try and ride the middle of the technical road.

At LoadDNS our global network of servers are strategically located at or near 14 independent Internet Exchange Points (IXP) on 4 continents.  Unlike your ISP or possibly even your current DNS provider, our network uses IP Anycast to route your DNS request to the nearest or best datacenter; thus enabling us to increase your website and services performance and uptime. It also gives our customers load balancing, increased reliability and scalability, decreased latency and a way to provide a distributed response to a DDoS attack.  All of this is accomplished behind the scenes.   

IP Anycast works because all of our worldwide locations respond to the exact same IP address (same name server). This gives you a decrease in latency, as you will be connecting to the location closest to you (in regards to network latency). This also helps distribute any DDoS as numerous cities will be responding to the exact same IP (name server).  

The illustration below is a representation of our United States datacenter locations.  The image below is being used to explain how LoadDNS uses IP AnyCast routing to direct DNS traffic. We are able to direct the user to the closet available location; considerably decreasing latency.  In a unicast system the user would be directed to the first nameserver a company has listed, no matter where they are in the world.  As an example, under a unicast system if the company has a nameserver in Tokyo, and you are in San Jose, you would be sent to Tokyo.  Now if the company were using LoadDNS Deluxe or Enterprise, our IP Anycast routing would send you to San Jose.  



In the illustration below, where the location closest to the user is no longer available, our IP Anycast network will automatically direct the user to next closest available location.  This gives you the best possible protection against any problem (network / natural disaster / DDoS / etc.).  Even under the worst possible scenario where multiple locations go down, because the nameservers respond to the same IP address and are being advertised in all of our 14 global locations, spread across 4 continents, the performance of your DNS is unaffected.  This is why we can confidently provide a 100% SLA.  If you are currently on a unicast DNS system even ours (Basic), the 30 Day Free Trial we give makes the decision to sign-up for LoadDNS Deluxe or Enterprise a no brainer. 




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