DNS Infrastructure LoadDNS Infrastructure


Global Infrastructure

LoadDNS has taken the steps to strategically place servers in 14 data centers on multiple Tier-1 backbones at critical locations taking both network and geographic location into consideration. Our data centers are on four continents: North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

IP Anycast Routing Technology

Our IP Anycast technology routes DNS queries to the topologically nearest data center. This allows LoadDNS to deliver the fastest resolution times which increases query resilience, performance and redundancy. 

Proprietary Non-BIND Software

There have been numerous studies that show “open source” BIND is the top security problem of Internet users. The problems include hijacking, cache poisoning, viruses and spoofing. The implementation of our proprietary non-BIND DNS software has solved many of the above issues that come with the use of BIND.

Advanced Database Technology

LoadDNS's Global DNS solutions utilize advanced replication technology so that within seconds, changes made to DNS records and TTL's are propagated through our world wide network of anycast servers.

DNS Load Balancing

Optimize networks and datacenters by using Directional DNS to load balance direct domain requests to our globally distributed servers. Increase traffic response times and provide a better online experience to your users.

DNS Geo Targeting (Directional DNS)

Directional DNS service for IP-based geolocation enables you to direct Web site visitors from various locations across the globe to specific content servers. Offer language-specific content directly to your users based on their geographic location all from one URL.


Our API's give you direct access to the LoadDNS system. Integrate LoadDNS directly into your applications and deliver a powerful, seamless DNS experience without using our admin system. (Note: API's are available for LoadDNS Deluxe and Enterprise customers.) LoadDNS supports the following operations:

  • Create Account
  • Create Resource Record
  • Create Zone
  • Create Zone with Defaults
  • Get Resource Records 
  • Get Zones
  • Protect Resource Record by ID
  • Protect Resource Record by Type And Name
  • Remove Resource Record by ID
  • Remove Resource Record by Type and Name
  • Remove Zone 
  • Update Zone Settings


Statistical Reporting and Insight Statistical Reporting and Insight


Advanced Analytics and Reporting

We provide a full breakdown of your query usage by domain. How far you want to drill down is up to you. Your DNS reporting can be analyzed on a yearly, monthly, weekly, daily and hourly basis. Gaining visibility into your DNS traffic data will help you plan for seasonal traffic patterns and future growth.

Archived DNS Analytics

Your archived analytics allow you to compare current and past data to identify helpful usage trends. Archived analytical data is offered only for LoadDNS Enterprise and Deluxe subscribers. As a LoadDNS Enterprise customer, data is archived for up to one year and Deluxe subscribers can access data up to 3 months.



Admin LoadDNS Admin and Account Management 


Import Domain(s) and Records

You have the choice to add your domains and records yourself or use the import feature within the administration system.  This is especially handy if you have a large number of domains and records.

Powerful Easy to use Admin Interface

The LoadDNS admin user interface is easy enough for a DNS novice but also provides everything the DNS expert needs to administer 1 domain or 1000's.  You have full control of all resource records, domain organization, auto correct basic mistakes, and preview mode. If you change your mind on any changes you made you can revert back to the original settings with the click of your mouse.

Flexible Account Management

Not only can you grant multiple people within your organization account administration responsibilities but assign roles and limit what each one can and cannot do within the administration system.

Managed DNS, Redundant DNS, and Remotely Hosted DNS with LoadDNS 8.0

Managed DNS maximizes site and application uptime and responsiveness. Manage all DNS records and take advantage of SiteFailover, Directional DNS, IP Anycast DNS, DNS Load balancingWeb forwarding and URL forwarding with Managed DNS Enterprise and Deluxe. Businesses seeking a low cost hosted DNS solution should take a look at Managed DNS Basic. LoadDNS is remotely hosted, which means no software to install or hardware to maintain. With DNS servers located around the world, an easy to use Web interface, and full control over zone files, LoadDNS is the top choice for hosted DNS. Designed to handle millions of queries, LoadDNS can seamlessly scale with your growing business. Looking for the best partner program on the web, become an affiliate and earn 50% commissions.